Sophia ERP Sales software features

Sophia ERP Unique functionalities are designed to make your sales process more profitable.

Sales Activity Tracking

  • Manage purchase of stocks for all product categories
  • Track products reorder history
  • Manage vendors and suppliers
  • Total Inventory Management


  • Generate Automatic Quotation on the go
  • Send invoices to customers directly
  • Send forms directly to customers, vendors and other parties from the application

Sales Order management

  • See orders as they come in from your different channels
  • Track and see progress of all orders
  • Spot patterns and track products/service performance
  • Track sales information such as credit sales, invoices, tax, freight, and payments

Shared Team Inbox

  • Manage Teams Collaboration via Email
  • Share and delegate emails with your whole team.
  • Grant Team members access to view full email chain and history, allowing for clear transparency.

Product Catalogue

  • Create and manage product type and categories
  • Store all product category for items that are available for sale
  • Import and organize your Inventory, materials, etc in an easily accessible database.
  • Maintain product part numbers, prices, stock levels and product pictures.

Sales Reporting

  • Generate real-time data regarding product status, order status, shipment, trends and patterns etc which can be used to improve operations.
  • See Reports on sales pattern per product, product category, sales teams etc
  • Compare generated reports to track cost of sales and identify ways to improve sales
  • Easily export Reports to Excel or Pdf

Contact Management

  • Track all information related to each contact in your contact list and keep an organized history of all past conversations.
  • Provide more knowledge on past communications with contacts.
  • Track all transactions and sales activities for each customer
  • Manage and update all customer information

Sales Process Automation

  • Manage all product set up.
  • Automatically Manage entire sales process from order processing to delivery.
  • Set sales and delivery parameters for product and service categories
  • Manage special sales process such as discount sale.

Sales Pipeline

  • Identify sales leads, prospects and actions taken along the sales cycle.
  • Track targets and achievements of sales team
  • Enable you to score your leads and, if needed, filter them off to a different member of your team to turn select leads into customers.
  • Stay on top of leads and redistribute leads to different members of the team for re-engagement.

Storage and Warehousing

  • Manage all warehouses
  • Manage all stock in the warehouses from one location
  • Track movement of items from warehouse(s) to different stores and locations.

Return Management

  • Automatically keep track of returned stocks and decide what happens with them. .
  • Create, confirm or cancel returns
  • Schedule Returns pick up date
  • Assign returns to the desired warehouse


  • Notify all stakeholders within the sales process flow
  • Keep sales team notified about actions required
  • Real-time communication on the go.

Dashboards & Analytics

  • Allow business decision-makers to review significant amounts valuable information at a glance.
  • provide an easily understandable overview of your key performance indicators, allowing team members and managers to check in on progress toward sales goals and targets

Audit trail

  • Maintain an accurate history for research, tracking of actions by users for future auditing purposes.
  • Track who, when and where of all sales activities.


  • Automatically generate receipts for transactions
  • Send receipts to customers directly from software
  • Compare receipts with invoices issued


  • Generate quotation from product price list
  • Send quotations to customers directly
  • Revise quotations based on agreement with customers

Sales Goals

  • Assign sales goals and targets to sales team
  • Easily understandable overview of key sales performance indicators, allowing sales staff and managers to check in on progress toward sales goals and targets
  • Assess Sales team performance through sales goals and targets.

Product & Service Setup

  • Set up products and all revenue generating activities
  • Set up services and subscription products
  • Set up products in categories and sub categories

Catalogue Management

  • Manage product and services data across divisions and outlets
  • Manage categories and sub categories for products and services
  • Manage all features and attributes for product set up such as quantity, colour, location etc

Inventory and resource Management

  • Track stock and manage distribution in real-time
  • Track quantity of resources for production
  • Manage inventory in different warehouses and locations
  • Automatically Track stock level , products history and set reorder points
  • Book in sold items to update inventory and Fulfill placed orders from existing inventory levels

Stock Management

  • Manage end-to-end acquisition, storage, organization and control of products for sale
  • Track changes in products level over time
  • Ensure availability of buffer stock with real-time stock taking
  • Manage re-order process of stock
  • Manage movement of stock from one location to another

Delivery Management

  • Manage end-to-end delivery process for products and services
  • Set delivery process for product categories, sales outlets and locations
  • Track product delivery to customers

Job Order Mgt.

  • Organize multiple orders for clients in a single document
  • Keep customers in the loop at each and every stage of the order processing

3rd Party Integration

  • Easily integrate with essential tools such as accounting systems, ERP, finance software etc.
  • Request API and set up custom integrations.
  • Import and export CSV or Excel files.

A Powerful Sales Solution for your business

Get the Sales Solution that is suitable for every Industry and tailored for every business size. Use the multi outlet and omni channel feature to manage multiple stores and sales channels across different locations.